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This video shows Red Light Church ministering to 3 groups of forgotten people in the Mumbai, India area. The younger boys and girls are being retained in a juvenile home. You see them being served a catered meal, with quality food which they seldom receive. You observe our demonstrative Christmas program, bounce house fun and the children getting individual attention.

We took the seniors, who seldom get out or have company, on a trip to the ocean. They received lots of attention and a delicious meal.

The lepers are in low light, sitting down and some are missing fingers. We not only fed the lepers a delicious meal, but touched them and prayed with them.

Giving people attention and having fun with them goes a long way to showing them that they special and loved. Our hope is that they will receive our Christmas message as well. All three groups begged us to come back.


Red Light Church ministering at a juvenile home, a senior home and a leper colony during Christmas.