Myra’s* parents were very poor and addicted to drugs.  When she was only 15 years old, they arranged a marriage for her to a truck driver.  Soon, Mayra had a baby boy and realized that her husband had also become addicted to drugs. Sadly, her husband died, and Myra had no way to support her young child.

Shortly thereafter, Myra met a woman who convinced her to work in the city. Myra took her young son and moved to south  India.  She was terrified to find out that her “work” was in the brothels of the Red Light District. To keep her son alive, Myra sadly began her life as a prostitute.

One day, Myra came to one of our churches seeking help.  She didn’t want her son to grow up in the red light district and desperately desired to get out of the sex industry.  We met with her brothel keeper several times.  Eventually, we were able to present Myra to a child development officer, who arranged for her to live in a government home.  We also partnered with an NGO to provide Myra and her son with additional support services. Today, Myra has been set free both physically and spiritually.  She is thankful that God has redeemed her life and has given her hope.