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Raj Mugalkhod was born to a prostitute in Kamathipura, India, one of Asia’s largest red light districts. He spent most of his time on the streets and was sexually abused as a child.  As a result of this horrific abuse, he almost succeeded in taking his life at the age of 16.  

While Raj lay in a coma for seven days, the doctor told his mom that he was nearing death. At that time, Raj felt like he was falling and experienced the torment of hell. Suddenly, as a dedicated Pastor fasted and prayed, Jesus appeared and pulled Raj out of hell and into consciousness.  It was then that Raj decided to make Jesus his only God and dedicated the rest of his life to serving Him.

Raj's Pastor discipled him. Because Raj could barely read and write, the pastor insisted that he needed a high school diploma. Miraculously, Raj, who mostly taught himself, was able to graduate in one year. Later, Raj graduated from Bible School and began preaching in the red light districts throughout India. He fell in love with a godly woman named, Mansi, and they were soon married. Shortly thereafter, they were expecting their first child.

During this time, Raj began the dangerous work of rescuing victims of human trafficking in several cities throughout India. His life was often in danger, and he was often away from home on rescue missions. When Mansi went into labor, Raj rushed to her side.  Tragically, she died of complications from childbirth.  Raj was so heartbroken that he couldn’t use his legs for months. During this time, he prayed and asked God to heal him and help him to care for his young son.  

Slowly, God began to heal Raj’s body and heart.  He began to walk again and felt renewed passion to save souls.  He planted three churches and began to speak throughout India.  As lives were being saved, Raj sensed that God was calling him to start a movement to reach hurting people throughout the red light districts of Asia.

A few years later, a godly woman challenged Raj to seek the Lord and find a wife. She asked him if he knew any strong, Christian women.  Anita, Mansi’s sister, was the person that entered his thoughts.   A meeting was arranged and Raj and Anita were married one week later.  Anita shared Raj’s calling and loved his son, Mark, like her own child.

In 2015, God miraculously opened the doors for Raj to attend Christ for the Nations in Dallas, TX.  Even though Raj and Anita had given all of their resources to women escaping the brothels of the red light district, the Lord provided a way for them to come to America to attend school. Arriving with one dollar in his pocket, God has multiplied Raj’s resources and allowed him to bless others. was founded to network believers with a heart to save the victims of sexual abuse and trafficking. Through the saving love of Jesus Christ, lives can be healed and restored.  As God’s people work together, we can stop injustice and restore the lives of abused people around the world.

I grew up in a devout Hindu family.  As a young girl, I was afflicted with many health problems.  My parents took me to Hindu Temples and spent their money on unsuccessful treatments.  

As a teenager, my symptoms increased.  I grew so sick that my schoolmates and neighbours did not want to be near me.  They thought I was contagious and put pressure on my parents to send me away to school.  At the government school, I was devastated to leave my family and felt very isolated and alone. I devoted my life to my studies and became an engineer.

When I became an adult, I developed heart and kidney problems.  My parents continued to take me to many temples, but my condition only worsened.  Then, I developed a severe case of arthritis.  As my symptoms increased, I began to despair.

One day, my sister, Mansi, told me about Jesus.  I wanted to believe in a God who loved me enough to forgive my sins and heal my diseases.  Shortly after I asked Christ to come into my life, my sister Mansi died in childbirth.  I was devastated.

  When my parents found out that I worshipped God, they took my Bible away and burned it.  They forbid me to go to church and threatened to kill themselves if I continued to follow Jesus.  I was so devastated by Mansi’s death that I began to question God.  Over time, I began to feel God’s presence drawing me to Himself and began to secretly read the Bible again.

Several years later, my parents found out that I was reading the Bible again.  They burned this Bible too and made many threats. As a result, I was tempted to escape and accept a marriage proposal from a rich, Hindu, Google engineer. Miraculously, I received a phone call from Shalini, a female minister, a few days later. She had recently spoken with Raj, my former brother-in-law who was ministering in the red light districts throughout India, and presented his marriage proposal to me.  I was completely shocked! For the next several days, I sought God and felt that He was calling me to accept Rajs’ proposal. Now, I love Raj greatly and love his son, Mark, like my own child.

Later, God supernaturally opened the doors for Raj to attend Bible school at Christ for the Nations in the United States.  At that time, I was still struggling with severe health complications.  One day as I was taking a nap, I felt the power of God enter the room.  When I opened my eyes, I saw a bright light filling the room.  Suddenly, I felt God’s power shoot through my body, and I was instantly healed!

God has done so many miracles in my life. He has healed my body and soul. God has brought an amazing, Godly, man into my life and given me the call to serve Him. I love helping Raj, and share his heart to help rescue the oppressed people of the Red Light District.